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Computer photoplethysmograph "Eldar" to assess the function of vascular endothelial

- Assessment of vascular endothelial function
- Diagnosis of the arterial bed state
- Estimation of arterial stiffness
- Analysis of heart rate variability

Photoplethysmograph "Eldar" is intended to record photoplethysmogram of the peripheral pulse, rapid assessment of endothelial function and processes of the vascular remodeling in order to identify early stages of atherosclerosis, hypertension, including during pregnancy, the prognosis of cardiovascular diseases, evaluation of treatment outcomes.

Special software for the analysis of heart rate variability is provided. Such analysis can be used for diagnostic purposes in various fields of medicine: cardiology, surgery, anesthesiology, intensive care, pediatrics, and others.

Applications: ambulatory care, health checks (general practitioner, internist, cardiologist), cardiology hospitals, rehabilitation centers (fitness, physical rehabilitation).

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