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Vasotropic electrostimulator "Elims-501"


Used in angiology and vascular surgery to improve regional blood flow.

Intended for treatment of the following diseases:
- angioneurosis (Raynaud's disease, Raynaud's syndrome as a result of vibration disease, low back pain, collagen, obliterating arterial disease, chronic perniosis, livedo reticularis, acrocyanosis);
- occlusive arterial disease;
- late acute arterial occlusion (embolism, thrombosis), especially in distal forms of destruction, arterial spasm;
- mechanical compression of the arteries (thoracic outlet syndrome, a syndrome ligated artery, the effects of trauma).

In obstetrics and gynecology:
- treatment of gestosis;
- treatment of placental insufficiency;
- prevention and treatment of intrauterine fetal hypoxia.

Therapeutic efficacy is based on transcutaneous electrical stimulation of peripheral nerves that innervate the zone of violations of regional blood flow. Vasotropic effect is achieved through two main mechanisms: the reflex vasodilation due to antidromic stimulation of sensory fibers and the disinhibition of segmental spinal vascular centers and humoral vasodilation due to the evolution under the influence of electrical stimulation of biologically active substances.

For the treatment electrodes are fixed to the skin of the patient at the level corresponding to paravertebral posterior spinal roots. Vasodilation effect appears on the 15-20th minute of treatment and continues 2-8 hours after the procedure is finished. With the resumption of ischemic events therapy may be repeated.

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