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Pain Relief Electrostimulator with Automatic Bioregulation of Stimulus Duration ELIMAN 401

The working principle of the device is based on transcutaneous electrical stimulation of peripheral nerves that innervate the area of pain stimulation. Pain relief effect is achieved by applying pulse trains through the flexible flat electrodes, fixed in area of major nerves that innervate the source of pain. After 45-60 minutes of stimulation the pain disappears completely or it is significantly reduced. Within 2-4 hours after the treatment, patients do not feel pain at all. If pain resumes, it is possible to conduct repeated sessions of electrostimulation.

For the first time in the practice of transcutaneous electroneurostimulation was used automatic bioregulation of stimulus duration. Periodic adjustment of the stimulus is necessary to compensate adaptation of neural structures to the effects of stimulating current. Such bioregulation ensures high efficiency of anesthesia during prolonged treatment. Optimal stimulation waveforms provide effective stimulation of neural structures with minimal sensation under the electrodes.

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